Hi i have a touch screen, updated kali (sudo apt-get update/upgrade) latest version and kernel, and a raspberry pi 4 hooked up and i installed Onboard package for the keyboard on screen seems to work ok, but for some reason when i installed the mousetweak package i do not see the GUI options in kali not sure why i even run it through terminal and it give me a error CRITICAL **: NOT RUNIING UNDER X11. Aborted.

For some reason the touch screen can only detect one click not double clicks or hold to open right click menu, mousetweak provides functionality do that and more.

1) Ubuntu has a slightly better onscreen keyboard and mouse setup that cam with the v20.10 not sure if it possible to move that over to Kali? not sure what package those are

2) so mousetweak installed as i see the binary files for it in user/bin.......do i need to do something to get the gui to show up or is it old and not compatible with the current new version of kali or other Linux?

3) is there a alternative to mousetweak i can use or a better options over all for onscreen keyboard/mouse for touch screen i am not aware of?