hi if your reading this and can help it would be massively appreciated, im new to kali and i was following a tutorial by Networkchuck, it was setting up proxy chains, 1 thing i noticed straight away is my proxy chains isnt called /ete/proxychains.conf
mine is called /ete/proxychains4.conf, i dont know if this makes a massive difference, but the 2nd thing was my proxychains4.conf is empty it only has ~ these in blue down the side in the nano 5.3, i believe its 5.3, but its completely empty, but originally it was empty when i went into it without the ~, but after messing around it now has these ~, the next thing is i can do is get everything he showed with the proxychains like the different types of proxychains and the layout and all that that should be in the nano 5.3 but it was just on the terminal page, after changing it to dynamic and hashing the tor setting out as well as my IP address, i then started adding the same ones as him, i searched them up first to make sure they were still working and that it wasnt just a problem with them, but they were fine and when i tried to reach google.ocm through firefox it worked but when i searched up my whats my IP it still came up with my IP and didnt go through the proxy servers,

i use locate 'proxychains' to find my proxychain
the top one is /ete/proxychains4.conf
i then do sudo vi /ete/proxychains4.conf
i then enter my password adn it comes up saying 'found a swap file by the name ".proxychains4.conf.swp"
then i write [o] to open it
it then comes up completely empty with ~ these down the left hand side, but it actually used to have all the proxychains information there but its now gone and i dont know what i did.
at the bottom of the page it says "proxychains4.conf" [new]





if anyone can help i would much appreciate it as i cant find any tutorials to fix it and i am completely lost with it.