My name is Luca.
I have computer science classes. I had to do a little script to
generate a wordlist from an alphabet. So I made a little recursive
python script. It was 21 lines long. Surprise: it is faster than crunch!!!
The issue is that it could only generate wordlists from 1 to X words.
So I rewrote it iteratively and that's how wordgen was created.

You can check it out on github: https://github.com/toto112358/wordgen
Please, read the README. Wordgen depends on pypy3 to be fast.
Also, please tell me your thoughts and experience with wordgen.


PS: This project isn't finished. It should be totally stable. However,
it could be optimized even more. Also, I wrote long ago a simple
python package manager and compiler.
You might want to check it out https://github.com/toto112358/pypack