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Thread: Will Kali be upgraded to Debian 7? I need UEFI support for Surface Pro

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    Question Will Kali be upgraded to Debian 7? I need UEFI support for Surface Pro

    I'm at wits end trying to get a bootable USB with Kali on it to work with a Surface Pro. From what I've heard, Debian 7 supports UEFI (which I suspect is why I cant get the USB to boot). Any plans on making Kali based on Debian 7?

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    Debian 7 was released just a few days ago.. Might take a while to trickle down to Kali. Others have found a way around UEFI problem. Did you try a search first?
    Try here
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    yes, I've tried this method as well and was unable to get UEFI to work.

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    its integrated you just have to build it... yourself. Add the debian repository and add what you want or add the debian repository add what you want, do a live build then reinstall without the debian repository... yourself. -You get what you pay for

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