I want to make it as simple as possible. So I have downloaded Kali Linux 2021 latest version on my VirtualBox and my host machine runs Windows 10. I bought a USB wireless adapter which has a Ralink RT5370 chipset (supports monitor mode). I just completed my Kali virtual setup and it is completely fresh. Yet, my USB wireless adapter doesn't work in VirtualBox Kali but works in my host machine (Windows 10). In Kali, I can see wlan0 in ifconfig and iwconfig (which means Kali can see the adapter). I can execute "ifconfig wlan0 down/up" but it doesn't scan any networks. It doesn't show any network in wireless settings and "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan" returns "no results". And there are 5-6 networks around me (I can see them in host machine). So what should I do to make my adapter work in fresh Kali Linux setup? I can provide any command output information (like "lsusb") you can just ask for them. Thanks in advance.