Hey Fellas,
I am stucked in one of the serious issue of kali linux joining community ,as I was trying to install KALI LINUX on my machine on dual boot with windows 10 then I am getting a serious error regarding hardisk not detecting .
Like I said , When I created a bootable hard disk using BALENA ETCHER then I plugged it into my another machine to which I have to install KALI LINUX , and when I o to Graphical Install Section everything seems fine but the main problem occurs at the partitioner as when I reached there there was no hard disk shown but only my bootable hard disk was available and everything was clear. I have 2 disk i.e. one 256gb ssd and 1 TB hard disk but there were no sign of them and even I didn't stopped there I researched a bit and found about sata type AHCI should enable but my luck was booom. When I accessed BIOS and searched for sata change thing then there was no advanced setting and now after 3 months of no luck now I am here as to look for the last hpoe like you techy guys .
I had used Kali Linux earlier but no luck
Laptop: HP 15s du3032tu i511th gen intel processor
OS: Windows 10(current) UEFI mode
BIOS: F.33 Insyde
Any help would be appreciated .