Hello there ,
I've been trying to install Kali Linux on my pc (dual boot with windows10) so I downloaded the ISO from the official site using torrent, then I proceeded to make a bootable USB (my USB is 16gb) using Rufus 3v(i tried both ISO and dd mode), so I booted my pc from USB and went to graphical install, then it started looking for CD-ROM for some reason, I searched up a fix and i had to mount my usb as cdrom , that worked but then i got another error "failed to copy files from cdrom , retry ?", i searched up a fix but nothing worked any solutions ?.
Things i tried :
-tried different software programs to make the bootable usb : unetbootin,win32 disk imager.
-tried changing my usb to another port.
-tried normal install instead of graphical install.
.im trying to install kali linux 2019.2.
.i downloaded it via torrent and it has the iso + a file named "kali-linux-2019.2-amd64.iso.txt.sha256sum" im not sure if im supposed to do anything with that.
Hope to get a response soon .