First of all, after the initial base installation is done and I'm done choosing my desktop environments and stuff -- after a bit of loading I'm supposed to get the install grub bootloader page right? Well I've tried multiple times but I never got that page; it jumps straight into the finish installation page and start loading and each and every time after I've clicked continue windows has opened on default -- that's understandable because Kali isn't downloading the grub bootloader. But even when I do advanced boot to select the usb option to boot, Kali isn't opening -- it just restarts the installation again. I've booted to windows then to check if partitions were at least done but no, it still shows the partition as unallocated. I've done the partitions over and over again, each time with different spaces, I've tried manual, then I've done the root, home, and swap, I've tried the all files in one destinations which creates two partitions -- but whatever I do after I click on continue when the finish installation page appears, it will load into windows and I when I do advanced boot to select the usb where I've burned Kali -- it just takes me to the installation page. Am I supposed to take the pendrive out when I select continue to finish the installation? Because, I've done that too, I've taken the pendrive out before pressing continue; I've taken the pendrive out after pressing continue (when the last part loads), I've also taken the pendrive out after it shows the black screen.

Some side information, my laptop is Acer predator Helios 300, 2tb HDD. I've done the burning part with Rufus-- I've selected the DD mode. I've selected the partition scheme as MBR as well as GPT. Nothing seems to work. I'm on the verge of giving up. Please any help is appreciated. This was my 18th try in 4 days.