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Thread: Impossible to find drivers for Radeon RX5300M

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    Impossible to find drivers for Radeon RX5300M

    Good morning, i hope someone can find me a solution here. I have an MSI bravo 15 A4DCR with dual kali/win10, it has a integrated gpu and a RX5300M. I've been searching for a while, and i couldn't find any driver for this exactly gpu. I dont want to install drivers for another gpu if im not sure it will work. My drivers from kali repository, detect the gpu as a AMD Navi 14 RX5500/RX5500M/PRO 5500M, it is almost correct cause RX5300M is Navi 14 too. For the moment laptop is using integrated CPU, and for this reason i cant use HDMI port( i suppose is from the RX one, because the system doesn't detect the hdmi). Im really done with this because i found drivers for all gpu from amd, except mine thanks guys

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    Go to and find your card (yours is under the RX5000M series) download the Drivers for Ubuntu 20.04.

    Unpack the file: tar -xvf filename.tar.xz

    Change to the unarchived directory.

    Open the install file in an editor and find the line where it checks for os version. Change ubuntu to kali. Save file.

    then run: ./amdgpu-install --opencl=legacy --headless --no-dkms

    Update: This works for Linux drivers only. Unfortunately RX 5000M Series only has windows drivers)
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