Hello! So I own a Macbook Air (Big Sur Intel Core i3, 32 bit)
- So this problem just started last week. I was using Kali and VirtualBox for a school project and it suddenly crashed. And I could not find the Kali file. So I just uninstalled VirtualBox and Kali.
- Now when I go to download Kali Linux I use this link:
- And when downloading Virtual Box I use this link:
- So VirtualBox downloads perfectly fine, the issue is with the Kali file
- The first error is get is "Failed.Network error"
- The second error is that when it does download it says "No Mountable File Systems and the following disk image could not be loaded."
- I tried everything, I uninstalled VirtualBox and Kali and re downloaded, I restarted my Mac, I downloaded in Safe Mode, I downloaded it in terminal, and even reset my Mac Completely. But nothing worked.
- Apple support told me to reach out to Kali because they tried everything.