Hi ,
I tried to install Kali Linux 2021.1 version on my Windows 10 Pro v.1909 with VirtualBox 6.1.18 but I got the following problems:
  • Get 2020.x version -> all worked correctly
  • Get 2020.4 ova on vBox (works correctly) -> update all(pratically upgraded to 2021.1) -> hanged at reboot
  • Get 2021.1 ova on vBox hanged at reboot
  • Get 2021.1 ISO , created a vBox VM and completed installation steps -> hanged at reboot

When I write hanged at reboot I mean that aprox 10 seconds after the grub start the boot process interrupts without a specific error( see last rows of boot logs below)
Immagine 2021-03-19 135514.jpg

Do you have any suggestion?
Is there somathing I can do to collect more info on the problem?