Hi, I'm running 2021 on an older MacBook Air 3,1.

Whenever I reboot, date and timedatectl claim that it's February 3, 2021, 8:11 Pacific Standard Time. hwclock shows January 31, 2001, 18:58. NTP time syncing never activates. timedatectl shows the correct timezone, but "System clock synchronized: no." If I try to change no to yes via timedatectl set-ntp on, I get an error message: "Failed to set ntp: NTP not supported."

I tried to remove ntp and let systemd-timesyncd do its thing, but it never time syncs. systemctl does show the service is active and running, but the time is still not synced. No errors appear in journalctl -u sytemd-timesyncd. I don't get an error message when I do "timedatectl set-ntp on," but it just acts like nothing happened and it still reports "System clock synchronized: no."

Any ideas on what else to try with this?