Hello everyone!

I'm having this problem with kali linux that i installed on my laptop.
The problem is that sometimes (not always), after a while of usage, Kali slows down so much the whole system is barely usable.
Everything becomes laggy. Switching between tabs on the Firefox Browser has a lot of lag.
The Terminal becomes laggy, typing commands and typing in general, is getting slow.
A reboot always fixes the problem.

Like i said thankfully it doesn't always happen.
My laptop is fast enough to run Kali. I dont know why or when it starts to happen.
It seems to slow down suddenly and occasionally.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L875D-10N

CPU : AMD A8-4500M Quad Core 1,9GHz ( 2,8GHz max with turbo )

I installed the 64bit version from kali.org using a USB stick.
There were no problems installing Kali.

I think the problem must be related to the CPU.

When typing in the htop command, i've noticed some strange output.
Normally when the problem occurs, one of the four CPU/Cores seems to do all the work :


As you can see, number 3 is working at it's maximum while the other 3 aren't working as much.

Another example when the problem occurred. ( This time it was Core number 1 doing all the work ) :


Did any of you guys had the same problem? Does anyone knows how to fix this?
I'm not a beginner linux user anymore but i don't consider myself an expert either.

Any help will be much appreciated!