this is my first time using KALI... and its been a long time since i have used Linux.
I am starting a certification program that uses KALI and relies upon us researching for answers.
my request isn't for command code to install the WIFI package...not exactly. as it can not reach internet to do it.
at least,. not within the KALI.
i am asking a wizard to help me down load from a DEV the package from windows and assist in transporting it to my Virtual Box install.
then unpack it.
i know that's a bit of an ask..
i even thought id be able to do it from within a second install .. UBUNTU {recent} distro.
again.. hasn't a clue on how to do that .
they intend to train us within KALI.
if any of you CYBER WISARDS chose to help.. id be very grateful.