[COLOR=var(--yt-spec-text-primary)]Help pls i got this message....I tried to install again but this message pops out pls help ?Installation step failed? ? ?the failing step is: Select and install software.I have seen the previous thread where many have suggested to increase the size of the disk above 35 gb.I did that too but it didnt helped me.I got this message again and again.Then i thought to check its intrigrity and **** it said checksum are mismatched.I know you must be telling "yaa...the checksums are mismatched so its must be corrupted file,so installation must have been failed. BUT GUYZ TO THE FACT THAT THE FILE SAID IT HAD MISMACHED CHECKSUM,I DIDNT BELIEVED IT BECAUSE I DOWNLOADED THAT ISO OF KALI LINUX FROM THE OFFLICIAL KALI ORG WEBSITE...


And this is the file name I downloaded :

I also tried to check checksums from windows powershell and i got this :

PS F:\iso os> certutil -hashfile kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64_3.iso sha256

SHA256 hash of kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64_3.iso:
1bb89642b1593ab11d804c95d58bc8703e65165ba4c2a01d2c 63c5781d3222dd
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.
PS F:\iso os>

See the official checksum is : 265812bc13ab11d40c610424871bdf9198b9e7cad99b06540d 96fac67dd704de
The one i got from test :
1bb89642b1593ab11d804c95d58bc8703e65165ba4c2a01d2c 63c5781d3222dd

And found they are really mismached.So sir or the mods or admins or the members here ...can you pls tell me if i am correct or not.i checked the checksums from two plAces..if its my error too pls tell me.what shall i do.but pls check its intigrity. Can anyone send me a legit working 2021.1 kali linus iso image file or atleast tell me whatevere that i am going though ,,iS IT THAT I HAVE have made error or IS THE FILE ITSELF CORRUPTED? HELP PLSS

I am really confused what to do? Is it corrupted and shall i download other ver.or shall i reistall it. Guys if anyone has this version working in their vm pls tell too.
Pop up message shown in error :
Installation step failed ? ?the failing step is: Select and install software

Help would be appriciated .Thank you