Hope you are doing great. This is Muhammed Mostafa and i am new to Kali Linux. I am an Engineer and i tried the live IMG and i loved it it was so fast and the desktop environment was fast and simple.
So i decided to install Kali and the documentation recommended installation from the Install IMG so i downloaded it and install it; but the desktop environment was different and it was a bit slower.
I searched the documentation and after some commands nothing changed.
for ex.
here are 4 choices for the alternative x-session-manager (providing /usr/bin/x-session-manager).

Selection Path Priority Status
0 /usr/bin/gnome-session 50 auto mode
1 /usr/bin/gnome-session 50 manual mode
2 /usr/bin/startplasma-x11 40 manual mode
3 /usr/bin/startxfce4 50 manual mode
* 4 /usr/bin/xfce4-session 40 manual mode

what i have to do to change the desktop environment as the live IMG.

thanks in advance and i hope that i won't be pothering any one with my stupid question.
Muhammed Mostafa