What's going on guys! This is Aamir from trickiknow youtube channel, and today I am going to share how you can install Kali Linux along with windows 10 without losing any data and without shrinking the existing drive. Shrinking the hard drive is an old trick and there is a chance of losing your personal data, I will recommend you don't mess up with the windows 10 drive or data drive. The best way is to get a new SSD for the Kali Linux Installation, these days drives are cheaper and you can easily afford any cheap 120GB SSD like Kingston, crucial, etc. On a laptop, you can add another hard drive using the 2nd HDD caddy.

By doing so you can safely install Kali Linux along with windows 10 on your Laptop or PC, all you need to do just unplug the existing windows 10 hard drive from the Laptop or PC and plug the new SSD (On a laptop, plug the SSD in Caddy). Now you have only 1 hard drive on your computer, install the Kali Linux, and then Plug the windows 10 HDD back to the place. Now your computer has 2 OS in 2 different hard drives, you can set which hard drive to boot first from the bios or just you can select the drive in the boot menu.

What is the benefit?

If you don't want to let anyone knows that you have a Kali Linux installed on your computer, this is the best way to hide. Just make the windows 10 drive default drive from the bios, now every time you open the computer it will boot windows 10. It will also don't show up inside of my computer because it's in a different partition type. Whenever you want to use Kali Linux just turn on the computer and open the boot menu and select the Linux drive.

Why I don't like Live USB?

A USB drive can be lost or stolen at any time, It can be corrupt any time if someone from your family format the card to copy general files and it heats up too. Kali Linux installed in an internal SSD would be great and there is not any chance to lose it or fall or be corrupted.