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Thread: Why Do I need to configure a VPN inside my Linux Virtual Machine ?

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    Why Do I need to configure a VPN inside my Linux Virtual Machine ?


    I am running a linux inside a Virtual Box on my Win10 Computer.

    But strangely when I start my Vpn in Windows, it is not affecting the Virtual Machine and I need to run a script inside the Linux in order to change IP

    Any ideas ?


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    Im new to all this stuff mate but i know a tool you can download, his name : anonsurf.
    If i remember right it works on tor , the meaning that the ip always changing itself.
    From my perspective its a nice tool that i use it .
    To download : sudo apt install anonsurf.
    To start : sudo anonsurf start
    (Notice that you have to own tor brownser).

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    VPN always works system-wide, i.e. all working applications automatically use the VPN connection. Hence you can easily select which applications to use the VPN connection and which application to use your normal internet connection.

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