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Thread: Installing NetHunter On Oneplus Nord

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    Installing NetHunter On Oneplus Nord

    hello everybody Greetings !!

    i have bought Oneplus Nord Can Any One Show Me A
    guide How To install NetHunter On IT??

    any help I really appreciate this Thanks !!

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    Which model nord is it ?

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    I have the Nord N200. I was able to flash Magisk directly by downloading the latest firmware update direct from OnePlus, then run it through payload extractor (found on the web). Copy the extracted boot.img file to your phone via USB cable.

    Point Magisk to this file, and it will pump out a patched version of the original. Flash the patched file to the boot_a and boot_b partitions, and restart the phone. At this point, your phone should be rooted.

    Copy the Nethunter zip file to your phone. Open Magisk Manager again, and go to the modules tab. Then select your Nethunter installer. Process will take a while. Be sure you have plenty of battery, or place on charger if not. The phone will prompt you to reboot when it is finished.

    At this point, open Nethunter Store and check first for updates. After that grab whatever apps you want, and start nethunter app. Setup chroot as normal. You're done!

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    Do you need to flash the Universal DM-Verity, ForceEncrypt Disabler? If so, how would you do it on this phone since there is no recovery partition?

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    I don?t recall if I needed to do that or not, as I sold my Nord N200 last year.

    I can tell you that you flash Magisk, etc. directly to boot partition.

    Keep in mind, While NetHunter does install on the N200, that NetHunter build was intended for the original Nord, so some features won?t work properly.

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