Hi all,

First of all, apologies if I miss any particular formatting or more precise technical info on this post, if so, please let me know and I will edit - I'm fairly new and learning.

I have a working (or at least until 24 hours ago) USB kali 2021.1 with persistence, I had been using it for the last couple of weeks to study and mess around the system, USB live with persistence boot done mostly on a MacBook Pro 2013, and yesterday for the first time I used an Alienware 17 R4.

I went to boot it today and I had a fresh version of the system, with no files, users, and anything I had saved until yesterday.
After a bit of testing, I actually notice that there is some issue in reading the persistence partition - I tried the process on both machines, MacBook pro, and Alienware.

I now have a 'persistence' partition icon on the desktop that wasn't there yesterday, and if I click on it I receive back:

Failed to mount "persistence
Error mounting /dev/sdb3 at /media/kali/persistence: cannot mount /dev/sdb3 read-only
Another interesting thing I found is that the system has lost completely any connectivity - no more Bluetooth and wifi connectivity on both machines (both integrated cards on the Alienware, tested and working yesterday, and tp link tl- wn722n)

Yesterday I did some light modification to the .zshrc file, perhaps unaware I ticked/unticked or changed some string?
If that, I created a backup of the file, so would need just to access the partition, delete the modified file and add back the backup

Is there any way to do this, or perhaps any other explanation for my problem?

There wasn't much on the system the most valuable file was a Cherrytree with the last 2 weeks of organized notes on it, so would be good at least to save that file, and regardless an interesting learning experience.

Thank you!