I installed a clean Kali OS on one of my laptops. This Kali OS was the only installation which were installed upon the devices hard drive.
At first the full installation completed with out problems and the Kali OS which I had just installed was booting up totally fine and everything seemed to be working just as it should.

Suddenly upon powering on and letting the system boot up. Selecting the Kali general mode upon boot requesting. I proceeded to log in to my user and straight away I noticed that the whole desktop apperiance had changed without any explanation from its previously displayed Kali default, to what now appeared to be some type of windows OS.

Further more. Upon opening up the application Terminal on the device. I totally changed from KalLinux@Root being displayed upon the applications start up to now. Root@C:\. Again resembling that one would expect to find in the cod pronto of a windows operating system.

Given the fact that no windows has been installed what so ever by me. How on earth could these rather considerable system changes have come to be.

I?m rather freaked out. I have had some hacking from a horrible neighbour I have in the adjacent property to myself before. The only explanation I can think of is he?s regained access by network once again. Using the ssh route to do so possible.

Please someone explain what?s going on and how I can find out how these things are being carried out.
I can no longer really gain any enjoyment from using any computing device what so ever as things stand. Is just not right.

Any time supplied with relation to this request is indeed of the sincerest appreciation. Thanks.