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Thread: How to image Kail Live on to a USB drive WITH ext4 FORMAT

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    Post How to image Kail Live on to a USB drive WITH ext4 FORMAT

    Hello, I'm so sorry to post such a low-level question, but after days' search and attempting, I can't find a solution. The FAT32 format is low speed on my Sandisk Extreme PRO, and the most important is that there's some compatibility issues with FAT32 format.
    And here is what I did:
    1. Using balenaEtcher to flash the Kali Live image directly. And I got a Large FAT format(I think it is FAT64) on the boot partition.
    2. Using Rufus to flash the image. And there's 2 format to choose but no ext4 format.
    3. Using Universal-USB-Installer to flash the image, and there's still no ext4 format.
    4. Google the question but nothing found.
    5. Read the document on but the page seems gone. And there's no webpage snapshot on

    And below is my question:

    1. I don't think it is impossible to boot from a ext4 format partiton, but if there is some unknown issue in it, Is it possible to create a boot partition to boot the ext4 partition?
    2. Is there any more advanced software to handle the live boot problem?

    Sorry again for my low-level question, and since my mother language is not English so may be there's some offensive tone in my sentence, I don't mean it, and sorry for that.
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