Hi, I use Kali now for a year and disided to buy a dedicated laptop for it. I installed Kali using dual boot on several (Intel) Laptops and computers and had no real issues, untill now.
My new laptop is an Acer AMD Ryzen 5900HX, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080, 1 TB SSD.
My problems are:
1. Dual screen not working,
2. Internal wifi not working, (now use external wifi adapter)
3. Draining Battery, Low battery time around 100 minutes during idle,
4. Bluetooth not working, (maybe related to the wifi problem)
5. I fixed the dual boot problem, (Acer bios setting)
6. I also fixed error "/var/lib/dpkg/info/atftpd.config: 3: /etc/default/atftpd: 69: not found", during install upgrade.
If somebody likes to know how I fixed problem 5 en 6 please let me know.

Problem 1:
To me the dual screen issue is the biggest problem, so I like to start with that.
Online I found lots of similar issues but they did not work for me.
I tried to install "displaylink-driver", but that has no Kali installer.
I installed:
sudo apt install -y nvidia-driver nvidia-cuda-toolkit
installed xrandr and created an nvidia-xconfig file.
At this moment after reboot the external screen attached with the HDMI come came up but the internal laptop-screen went down.
I found on github the program "Kali-Parrot_Dual_Monitor" I was able to get it running but unable to complete the configuration, this because I received some errors by configure nvidea-xconfig --query-gpu-info Simular --> PCI BudID: PCI:1.0.0. The error was due to unknown Simular issue.
The good thing about this program is that it activated also internal laptop-screen. The bad thing is that I am only able to login using my external-screen. When I disconnect my external screen, the internal laptop-screen stays black and I am unable to login.
I hope someone knows how to fix this.
I like to be able to login, also when I only use my internal laptop-screen and when I connect my externals screen I like to be able to work on both screens using extended screen mode.