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Thread: Installing Kali 2021.3 on VMWare 16.1

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    Question Installing Kali 2021.3 on VMWare 16.1

    Hello there,

    First time installing Linux on VMWare (Windows) so please bear with me...

    I downloaded the 7z archive from Kali website for VMWare (2.7GB).

    After extracting the archive the total size is over 10GB.

    When I launch "Kali-Linux-2021.3-vmware-amd64.vmx", the VM is added to VMWare Workstation under "My Computer".


    Q1) Why is the size so big? Shouldn't it be more like 2-3GB?
    Q2) If I want to create multiple VMs, do I need to duplicate the entire folder so each VM will take min. 10GB?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi ,
    it a complete package of 10gb ,with everything install in it . U have to just and import it in Vmware and use it .
    and if you have any problem with install check out davidbombal on youtube

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    Step 1:
    Download VirtualBox via the website below:
    Step 2:
    Install the software and boot VirtualBox.

    Step 3:
    Navigate to Linux website and download Kali Linux.
    The following link can guide you to the correct download and installation steps.

    Step 4:
    Navigate to Machine tab on VM and click on add then find the kali linux image.


    Step 5:
    Once the image has been installed correctly, configure it to your desired settings.

    Step 6:

    Start Kali Linux by clicking on the start button and it will boot Kali Linux.

    Step 7:
    Load the Terminal and type the following line of code:
    Sudo apt-get update

    Some basic commands and tools to be familiar with!

    Step 8:
    Use the whois function and select a website of your choice. In this case, we have chosen Instagram and it will generate a bunch of details such as the name server which displays the control the domain?s DNS. Having multiple Name Servers shows the domains in which Instagram rely on to improve reliability.

    Step 9:
    Enter the following code ?whois

    It will output the registrant?s name is the name of the company or person who has purchased the domain name (Registrar 365, n.d.). In this search, you will notice that most of the information provided comes back with ?Redacted for privacy?. More than often that companies are prone to not updating this information so it can be unreliable resource for someone who requires it for specific intended purposes.
    Step 9:
    Here we will introduce the host command which will provide the IP address a few formats depending on the web address used. Look at the two and compare the difference. Considering the outcome of ? generates two lines of code which provides the address and mail is handled by 0. By having one DNS server, it shows that there is a low reliance on this domain

    Step 10:
    Introducing nslookup, it will enable your ability to view DNS records for a website. It is a web based DNA client that queries DNS records for a given domain.
    You will find that it produces an output which shows ?non-authoritative answer:?. The Non-authoritative output refers to servers that do not contain original source files from a domain?s zone. Instead, they have a cache file for domains constructed from DNS lookups completed previously. Simply put, when a DNS server responds to a DNS query which is missing the original file, this is a non-authoritative answer
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