Hello Everyone,

I have an SSD with Kali on it that I used frequently. I just purchased a new desktop and wanted to move the ssd to the new computer. The new computer already has Windows 10 attached to it and it boots from that ssd. When I went into BIOS to attempt to change the boot order after install BIOS does not recognize that a bootable system is on the SSD but does see the SSD. Windows diskpart utility also sees the device and the attributes set with them indicate that it is not bootable (currently).

I have about a year of experience dealing with Kali and my research into troubleshooting this issue led me here. Does anyone here have any experience with this circumstance? I am to the point where I think I may have to wipe and reinstall. However, I would like to possibly save the data on configurations attached to use if possible.

Thank you all for your assistance with this.