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Thread: Oneplus 7 pro install

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    Oneplus 7 pro install

    I am following the above instructions ... the instructions above ...

    in the beginning i assume u are trying to restore it to stock ...

    1.03 Run MsmDownloadTool V4.0.exe

    ... I unzip and see MsmDownload Tool ... but it does not seem to work ... please advise

    This is what it looks like ...

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    What phone model do you have? GM1925, GM1917?

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    I have a GM1917 and seem to have a similar problem. I fire up Msm and see the oneplus on a com (required me installing One Plus USB drivers which there doesn't seem to be an "official" version of as they all say, but have different file sizes) and put the device in EDL. I pops up on my Device Manager, but complains the driver is unsigned and though I can see it now in MsMDownload, it'll only show as N/A and clicking Start says "waiting for device"

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    The one linked above and in the install guide won't work for a GM1917. I found one out there ANDROID+10+OOS+10.3.2+GM21AA+guacamole_21_P.26_200 322 that worked for me and was able to install the full nethunter image after that.

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