Hi experts!

I'm having some issue with Kali-Raspberry Pi-LG Telly:

I put Kali into a microSD card and into my Raspberry Pi, which displays on my smart TV (connected by HDMI cable).

So far, all is good, and with a mouse and keyboard plugged in, I can use the tools in Kali.

However, I don't know if it's a problem with my TV, with Raspberry Pi, or with the kali OS, but when I come back later, I can still ssh into the kali in my Raspberry Pi from my laptop (so it's still up and running), but when I try to display the Desktop GUI on the TV, the way I did when I first installed it, the screen is just black.

Obviously if I unplug the raspberry pi and plug it again, it re-starts Kali and I can view the desktop GUI on the tv again, but I don't think forcing a restart is acceptable each time I want to use it.

Any ideas on how to use this? I have kali running on a VirtualBox VM also, so it's not so much a problem with kali, as it is in combining its use with Raspberry Pi and a TV screen...

I appreciate any tips on this.