recent kali's come with chromium .

Trying to run sandboxed appimage:
@kali: '/home/mainmnt/appImage/ungoogled-chromium.AppImage' --no-sandbox --proxy-server="socks5://" --proxy-bypass-list="localhost;"

chromium opens and suceessfully uses socks5 route.....problem is it somehow accesses the same user instance files as does pre-installed chromium (kali bookmarks across the top and all)

When FF is run similarly (not exactly identical commands but same concept) then separate instances from pre-installed FF are automatically created. No commands are given to create a new instance - this may be behavior specific to mozilla...idk.

- What is the correct way to create a new chromium instance in home dir when appimage runs.

- With FF - op sec: just write a .sh to find and delete all instance traces in home dir for a fresh browser. (.mozilla , .cache, ect) Where are chromium user specific files stored in home dir for default pre-installed chromium? How can similar op sec be achieved for chromium ?