Hi all

I want to Download Kali, and run it using VirtualBox.

Now there are 2 options that I see relevant for this..

The first, and the obvious one, is Kali for VirtualBox (.OVA file).
The .OVA file is a ready made Virtual Machine, and all I need to do after downloading it, is ro import it into VirtualBox.

The second option, which is what I used to do in the past, is Kali Live Boot (.ISO file).
In this option I download a DVD Image,
and then in VirtualBox, I create a new Linux machine, and Set that .ISO file as the content for the Optical Drive,
and marking the "Live Disc" option, so VirtualBox will boot from it.

Both options should work,
the question is:
What would be the difference between choosing these 2 routes?
And is one more preferable over the other?

Thank you very much