Hi folks,

I tried now many many times to build a custom kali with LXDE and some additional software.
These are the results:

1. the build crashes, as the actual syslinux and syslinux-common package lacks the files "ldlinux.c32", "libutils.c32" and "libcom32.c32"
Solution: Download the packages from debian/experimental, extract and copy them manually to ~/live-build-config/chroot/usr/lib/syslinux

2. some directories are not created during build!
Solution: When the build has crashes the first time, go to ~/live-build-config/binary/isolinux/ and add the directory, which are missing (look at the errors in stdout)
After that start a new build.

3. At third build, some directories are not empty, this causes a new crash.
Solution: Pay attention, that you empty the directories in the ~/live-build-config/binary/ especially those called "isolinux.img"

I got still a new crash (bootfiles cannot be copied, due to another missing directory), but after one week of tries, I finally must give up. Every build lasts more than an hour on my slow machine, and my time is not endless, sorry.

BTW: I tried several clean builds, just to eliminate errors by me. For example, I cleared everything using "lb clean --purge" several times, also completely deleted ~/live-build-config and installed new from git. I got no success.

However, someone wrote a script for customizing BackTrack 5 some time ago. This was awesome, when using this, I could configure the whole system to my needs, and even install packages, which were not in the repository (i.e. jnetmap). Maybe, he will create the same thing for kali-linux, too. This was really awesome!!! The script was called "bt4-customise.sh".

In the next days I will try another build, if I got success I will tell you.

Thanks for reading this, and maybe someone will find a better solution than mine.

Best regards