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Thread: best laptop for kali linux

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    best laptop for kali linux

    hey all, i have a Toshiba satellite and i install kali on it but when i restart the laptop it wont boot to the gnu it only says to press any key to select a boot option!

    can anyone help?

    i also want to get a new laptop for kali any recommendations which I wont have any inconvenience with ill appreciate it. thanks!

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    Best Laptop for Kali Linux

    Don?t be panic, do press the keys as it is saying and follow all the instructions one by one.
    Dell G5 15 is one of the best laptop for kali Linux with 15.6 inches, resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. When we talk about the performance, you will get a 9th generation Intel core I7-9750H processor and 16GBmemory and 256GB M.2Pcle NVME Solid State Drive + 1TB5400rpm SATA Hard Drive.
    Choices may differ according to the requirements.

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    Hi there,

    I bought an used Lenovo Thinkpad T480 and apart from the finger sensor everything works fine. And it is fast, too!


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    I am new to Kali or any linux OS and wanted to try it out. Thinking of getting a used Dell 7490 (8MB ram, i5-8250u) to install Kali.

    Will Kali work on this Dell 7490?

    Please advice.

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