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Thread: sha256sums.gpg for ova image missing

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    Question sha256sums.gpg for ova image missing


    the only thread I could find about my problem is from 2018: with no real answer, so

    From the download site I've downloaded the virtualbox ova image
    I could also find a SHA256sum displayed there which I copied into a file. In fact, that hash matches the one of the downloaded imagefile.

    What I couldn't find is the combination of a sha256sum with a sha256sum.gpg file. Where can I find this?

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    I have the same trouble with my kali-linux-2021.4a-live-amd64.iso download. The sha256sum is graphical to see, and I could import a gpg-key with this Fingerprint from your "Download Kali Linux Images Securely | Kali Linux Documentation" but how to verify without this two downloaded SHA256SUMS and SHA256SUMS.gpg files?


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