I'm running a Raspberry pi 3b+ on the current Kali ARM architecture. Works great. What I want to do is configure the pi to bridge my wifi to the ethernet port for use on my pc. No tutorial exists for doing this on a pi running kali. I know it must be possible. I have tried all the other tutorials I could find for a pi running linux/debian/raspbian and have had no luck whatsoever. NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant dont behave the same way as in the tutorials for other operating systems. Someone PLEASE help me out here. There has to be some simple command line for doing this. Thank you in advance!

P.S. I want to do this as a proof of concept to add an extra layer of security to my station. Wifi runs to my pi which is running whoami, pi sends wifi to ethernet port, pc running vpn picks up internet via ethernet port, VirtualMachine running full distro of Kali Linux also running whoami to work out of. Security on security on security. Again thanks in advance.