Kali n00b here,

I'm using Kali as a VM in Virtualbox, attached to a bridged adapter using my laptop's gigabit-ethernet card (never changed this, as it's always worked fine).
I can ping, as well as my gateway address, but am unable to navigate to any webpages. Chrome simply states "xxx?s server IP address could not be found. Try: Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration"
I've already checked my DNS config and nothing seems out of place, and the VM itself does not live behind a proxy or firewall (unless Virtualbox utilizes one by default that I'm unaware of).
Firefox suggests the same troubleshooting steps.

The interesting piece is that I can successfully connect to TOR and navigate to any darkweb page.
Also, I've tried resetting eth0, but when I attempt ifdown, Kali tells me it's an 'unknown interface'.

Sorry in advance for the long post; wanted to provide as much info as possible from the start.