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Thread: GPU computation on WSL headless install

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    GPU computation on WSL headless install

    Hey everyone.
    I'm trying to create a WSL kali image that is pretty compact, headless, but support GPU usage for things like hashcat etc.
    How would one go about it.
    I've got a Intel 630 which is compatible with CUDA as well as opencl
    not sure how to get it to work. Hashcat is pretty useless for me without GPU integration.

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    I am surprised by the "low activity" in this forum.

    How did it go?
    I am currently doing similar work. Its more of a general linux (DEBIAN) question:

    Headless device that:

    1*Performs auto-logon at system boot, therefore add another user, or disable password?

    2*Perform a cron job (script/task schedule) with delay ~30sec , to start-connect USB-dongle for LTE interface

    3*Last cronjob, after ~1 minute that starts an SSH-agent, with a callback function to its server

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