Hello. I am new to this forum and I hope that I post at the right place.

I have just completed my first installation of Kali Linux on my system (NVMe SSD).

I have partitioned the space for Kali as follows:
swap : 12 GB (I have 12 GB RAM)
/ : 60 GB
/home : 350 GB

However, just after installation, GPARTED indicates that my /home partition has:
used space: 6 GB
unused space: 319 GB

I find it weird to have 6 GB of home space already 'used' when I haven?t even started to use this newly installed system ! So, I tried to find an explanation on this forum and on other Linux forums, but could not find any.

To be noted that I have another installation ? Linux Mint LMDE4 ? on the same system/SSD and I do not face this problem: right after installation, GPARTED indicated just a few MB of used space on /home.

Could anyone guess what?s going on ?