hi. a blind networking student. need to install karlie linux under vmware 16 player windows 10 64 bit pro 21 h2 latest windows, jaws and nvda updates. now need to install karlie linux for an assignment,t hen capture the screen shots and got print screen to save to either one drive or my drop box folder. so got karlie linux 2.2 64 bit amd iso. and now i set it up and then when i go to control g hear my sound card beep. try alt windows s and wait 4 or 5 minutes or more try repeatedly pressing it, but orca does not come on and don't hear the screen reader on. is there a command line switch to turn this on. need just to install. and when i then set it up in vmware, guest os is linux. but the os is ubuntu 64 bit no karlie. can any one help me out and get orca to work. just want to hear the install screen adn then save the screen shots for my trainers for this assignment. manage client problems. i have tried searching and reading threads and trying different versions of linux with frustrating results and would not install. would it be better to use windows sub system for linux and then just download the store app, but will it then load the install screens. and in australia. trainers are on vacation and will be away till january 4. any help. been trying to get this work for the past two days. tearing my hair out.