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Thread: MacBook Pro 2019 - keyboard and touchpad

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    MacBook Pro 2019 - keyboard and touchpad

    Hi all. I have got Kali running on my T2 MacBook Pro 2019 after a bit of wrangling with it. However no matter what I try I am so far been unable to get the touchpad or keyboard working. I know this was an issue a year or so ago and we were waiting for a kernel update.

    Does anyone know of a fix or workaround for this?

    Many thanks


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    A 2019 Macbook Pro is plenty capable of running Kali in a VM using VMWare or Virtual Box software, then everything works..

    Any kind of Linux flavour on Macbooks is problematic when trying to run it direct on hardware, I have done it on many models, but its always a pain.. Its probably USB driver issue, the mouse and keyboard internally are connected to the USB bus.
    If you check in 'about this mac' from the apple logo you can find out what it is using for hardware bus, usually Intel and Broadcom chipsets..

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