recently owner of MacBook Air M1, I have followed the installation in the download page..
i have used "Etcher" and transferred the "iso" fail to a 32Go USB flash drive and all look
be done correctly.. but when I reboot my Macbook, I don't see the USB flash drive (with
Kali-Live installed, plugged in it with an ZMUIPNG adapter for USB3 access port)..
my "Finder" see the USB and it content a "boot" and "EFI" files..

i have done a mistake somewhere or missing something?

on my old HP LapTop, I run Kali-Live easily and love how
easy is it.. so, now that M1 are on the market since 2020
i was sure to find something with the "search" engine here
but the engine look not working (no result with the only
MacBook word).. I'm sure not be the first to try Kali-Live
on new M1 Mac but I'm first to ask here??