im very new to Kali and wondering if there is a way to reset everything back to defaults(the way everything was when I freshly installed it).
I'm having some trouble with certain commands and I don't know whats causing them.
When I try to run sqlmap i get response : can't open file '/home/kali/sqlmap': [Errno 2] No such file or directory but when i check its location with "echo" it says it's in sqlmap.
Then i test my python version and almost everything says "frozen_importlib_external.SourceFileLoader object at 0x7f0cfd47baf0>" I do not know what any of this means.
Also, Armitage Hail Mary won't work, it keeps saying no active sessions..?
When I want to update anything i get this "E: The repository ' jammy Release' does not have a Release file"

Can this be fixed easily? Or can I reset to defaults?