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Thread: Kali linux 2.0 IPsec IKEv2 VPN client with a FREEBOX

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    Kali linux 2.0 IPsec IKEv2 VPN client with a FREEBOX

    Dear all users,

    newbie here !
    i try to create a VPN with my internet box. it's a french box called FREEBOX Revolution.
    she's configured as IPsec IKEv2 server.
    i can successful connect to that VPN, using a windows 10 machine. the configuation of the W10 client is so simple. nothing to do then it work !
    i try now with my kali machine.. no way i can't !! every combinaison i tried are not working.

    i don't know exactly which parameter i need to change on the Manager .
    i create a new connection then select IPsec/IKEv2(strongswan) ..
    then a lot of parameters seem expected... !
    with W10, simply select IPsec and set username/password .. i suppose then the authentication is EAP(Username/Password)
    • on the Server part , i set my domain address, as provide by my box ( ), no certificate and empty on 'Identity'
    • on client part, i set username and password .. nothing else, even if i y already try a lot of combinaison !

    i disable the IPv6 side, no proxy.

    Please anyone can guide me ?

    thanks, regards

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    please, no Freebox user here ?
    or anyone can share a screen copy of a working ikev2 connection (surely other internat box are similar)?

    thanks, regards

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