Where the problem started:

I recently increased my ALFA?s txpower by modifying the regulatory.bin file in /lib/crda and the pubkeys. It worked successfully and everything was working fine until I decided to try and reverse what I had done. I accidentally deleted everything inside /lib/crda. Now luckily I made a back up of the original files in that folder before I started doing anything. However even putting the original files back don?t resolve the issue I?m facing.

The issue:

The issue I?m facing is my ALFA wireless adapter cannot find my own AP, but can find everyone else?s. I have tested sniffing and deauthing and all those things still work perfectly. I can see everyone else?s wifi around me apart from my own router! The weird thing is my Alfa adapter is also showing new AP?s which I have never seen before, nor can I even see on other devices. It?s very weird. When using ?iw reg get? it shows the adapter is ?country 99?. I have tried changing to GB or US but nothing works and it won?t budge. I have even tried using the ALFA adapter on a separate machine and it still acts exactly the same! I don?t know what to do. The adapter is working, it?s just not showing me my own AP and showing me different AP?s which can?t even be found on other adapters or devices. What can I do? Is it time to throw it out?