Installed Kali Version 1.0.1 downloaded quite recently from Kali site
Kali Architecture 32 bit (i386 download)
Installed on a Moebius (Clevo as its often referred to as) M121W (specific to model M12CW)
I am not getting any visual error messages as such, The following happens through its loading cycle

1 - Boots through POST
2 - Loads Grub Selection screen to start booting into the Linux Kernel.
3 - the following 3 lines are the last seen through the boot process

- Decompressing Linux ... Parsing ELF... Done.
- Booting the Kernel.
- Loading, Please wait ...

System then reboots quickly after that and goes through the process again.

From the limited information I can gather from the Forums on the specs for Kali I come to just over par (40gb HDD and 512 Ram)
It is an old Laptop and I would love to place it on the network with this tool set as well as monitoring my network with snort.

The only other key factors to this are:
- Before completing the install from the menu - it did this behaviour when trying to boot the live cd?, but it ran the graphical install fine with exceptions to being able to connect to my wireless network (from reading the forums that seems to be happening with a few installs)
- When completing the install I did complete the install with a Crypto LVM partition (unsure if this will complicate the issue?)
- Installed from the full cd not the mini/netboot cd. (did download both)

Any help would be appreciated.