Dear all,

I installed two linux Kali in dual boot on two different dell latitude PCs.

On the firt PC the installation succed

On the other PC I'm totally blocked, I can't finish the installation process of Kali linux in dual boot windows 10.

I really need your help !

Installation processus:

1. The first screen is a blue one.
> I made the choice "Graphical Install"
2. The twice and third screens are blacks, with error messages
> mounting /dev/fd0 on /media failed
(*) Sorry my transcription of the error messages isn't very accurate but they scroll super fast.
3. blue screens follow each other to the one to choose its partition
> Only the USB key appears. The HD does not appear at all!

What I did:

1. ISO download: kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-amd64.iso
> OK !
2. Checking the integrity of the file under windows power shell (with the Get-FileHash command)
> OK !
3. Creation of the bootable USB key : I made these 3 creations on 2 different USB keys
> BalenaEtcher
> Rufus in ISO mode
> Rufus in DD mode
4. I compared the disk architecture of the two machines: same architectures (GPT, NTFS)
5. I compared the Bios of the two machines: I did not find any difference.

Has anyone had this problem before?
Any ideas?

In advance thank you very much for your help.