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Thread: Dual Boot Kali with Windows QUESTION

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    Question Dual Boot Kali with Windows QUESTION

    If I Dual Boot Kali with Windows is it set to persistence?
    I know that on 'dual-boot-kali-with-windows'
    It says nothing about asking for a password or username, but on the Hard Disk install in does.
    So that is what I was wondering, that if it is persistence or not?

    I really not not want to risk a Hard Disk install, for certain reasons, but I believe that it might be the only way to get easy persistence.

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. Yes, if you install kali along side windows on your hard disk, it will have persistence.
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    Persistant is a term to allow some modules or units such as USB memory modules to save data when using a Live distro...Once you end up the live session in USB stick, disconnect it, all data is lost, unless it is persistant. Need to read.

    HDD do not need persistancy..Need to read.

    Quite frankly to say that linux might jeopardize your windows partition info or data is very wrong..Need to read.

    As a person with info or sensible important data, you need a backup..Do you have one?.

    If so, no need to worry about anything.

    Need to read = Google + linux wikis + Kali wiki.

    Do not get me wrong, but you need to read more about partitions, filesystems and linux in general.


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    Well, you know what I am just gonna do it an hope for the best!


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    I'm sure all things will come out just fine for you. Just give it a try..

    Good luck...

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