Hello all!

I have a problem with bootable usb linux.
They are both fully installed and not live usb.
I have one usb with sparky linux works great on laptop that runs debian, boots normally. Tried it on my laptop with windows 10, had to disable secure boot but also works fine.
Now the problem is my other bootable usb which has kali linux installed. On debian laptop first did not want to boot or recognize the usb, so i reinstalled the grub on that usb with kali which now works fine on debian laptop, it even goes directly to kali, instead of debian. However, the problem persists on my laptop with windows 10, it does not recognize my kali linux usb even now, i mean it wont boot it, i tried various things, configuring bios and so on, disabled fast boot, put it on first from usb boot, secure boot is disabled... Anyone maybe has any idea why? I am out of ideas...