• I am trying to install Kali Linux on an external hard drive. I am using a 13" 2019 MacBook Pro running on Catalina. Everything works smoothly during the installation process until I get to the Grub Boot loader Installation part.
  • I received the following errors during the installation:

    ?Executing ?grub-install dummy? failed. This is a fatal error.?

    I press continue?

    ?No boot loader has been installed, either because you chose not to or because your specific architecture doesn?t support a boot loader yet. You will need to boot manually with the /vmlinuz kernel on partition /dev/sdd3 and root-/dev/sdd3 quiet passed as a kernel argument."

  • The installation then finishes and boots to Mac OS.

  • Does anyone have a clue what this actually means and what can I do to make it work?

  • Here is the output of
    diskutil list


  • Here is the output of
    fdisk -l


  • I have tried installing rEFInd. Here is the output of


  • I used balenaEtcher for preparation of my USB stick.