Greetings all. Long-time viewer, first time poster.

I just got a new MacBook Pro (M1 Max) a couple months ago and have been running Kali (ARM 2022.1) in VMWare Fusion Tech Preview.

I've been in the process of installing and adding some of the tools that I usually use. I rebooted the box and now when I get to the login screen and type my creds (kali user or root), the area to enter credentials disappears and the background remains. It does not continue to boot or load the GUI.

I can hit CTRL+OPT+F1 and enter TTY but I have yet to diagnose the problem. I was thinking about backing out some of the installs or configs one at a time until I figure out what went wrong but I am posting here in hopes that someone can potentially point me to a known issue.

Thanks in advance!