I'm new to this forum and Kali and I hope to do right with posting my problem here.

I followed the tutorial:
and the Video of NetworkChuck https://www.***********************AfVH54edAHU

to install basic kali with kali-desktop-xfce and remote GUI. After fixing problems with our corporate proxy and aptitude proxy.conf everything worked so far. But there are nearly no tools.

The first of the above links mentions additional steps like installing kali-linux-large package to get a nice full kali menu with all tools for every pen test stage.

However I tried to install this package with
sudo apt install -y kali-linux-large
and it seems to run good until around 80 percent when it starts to get a lot of hashing problems and mirror requests. Finally the script aborts and I see something like that:

Same happens on kali-linux-everything ...-all and so on. I also tried other recommended mirrors for Germany in sources.list. This is dafault failing as described

This is modified sources.list with another immediate error

Can someone help me to get to a full kali install in wsl2 with GUI?

Thank you very much!