So basically, I have been using Kali Linux on virtual box and haven't faced any issue, and it works great. But recently, I had to use vpn (proton vpn) on my windows, and the wifi sign turned into the ethernet sign after turning it on, and after doing so when I tried to use the internet on Kali it didn't work! I tried doing many things (and probably messed up quite a few too) but none worked, but later on I thought of not using the vpn, and I disconnected, but even after doing so, the internet didn't work! I tried searching for it from last two days and nothing seems to be working.
For instance, my Kali (idk why) didn't have the option of wifi when you click on the network button, so I tried installing something to fix it (and it did give me wlan) but the internet was working fine thereafter too. I assume it has something to do with Network Icon>Edit Connections.... It only shows Ethernet > Wired connection 1.